Home - Motorised Wheelchairs @ SG Motorised Wheelchairs @ SG offers the widest selection of Motorised Wheelchairs / Electric Wheelchairs / Power Wheelchairs / Motorized Wheelchairs in Singapore. We offer a FREE, no obligations 3-Day Trial, and a 2-Day Repair Guarantee. For more information, please browse our catalogue and FAQ, or call us at +65 6774 7518. Which Motorised Wheelchair is the most Suitable for You? Much of the literature published on this subject are from countries and regions where motorised wheelchairs are widely used, such as USA & Europe. Those written for Singapore are mainly copied from foreign sources, or provide only bits and pieces of information designed to help promote certain products. Falcon Mobiliity has developed a useful original framework for choosing motorised mobility aids, which include both motorised wheelchairs and mobility scooters. First, you assess the user’s needs from 3 dimensions; Physiological, Lifestyle and Emotional. These are then filtered through 2 main constraints; Physical and Financial. The last step is then to find the motorised wheelchair that has the features to meet most, or all of the above needs and constraints. So before you rush off to check out all the electric wheelchairs in Singapore, make sure you ask the questions below. Physiological Needs How well is the user able to control the motorized wheelchair? What features do they need in the motorised wheelchair to enable mundane tasks such as going to the toilet or transferring to a bed? Make sure you understand this thoroughly before investing thousands on a motorised wheelchair. Lifestyle Needs What does the power wheelchair user need it for? Is it for nearby neighbourhood use, or for travelling much further? Do you need more portability for transporting in a car, or more power for use in MRT and Wheelchair-Accessible Buses (WAB)? Emotional Needs Is the user open to the idea of using a motorised wheelchair? This is often overlooked when dealing with elderly users. If a motorised wheelchair makes the user feel like an invalid, it will be an uphill task trying to get them to use it., A mobility scooter may be more appropriate in such scenarios. Neglecting the user’s feelings can often result in the motorised wheelchair becoming a white elephant. Physical Constraints Is there a lift landing on your floor? Is the lift big enough to fit the electric wheelchair? How wide is your door? Are there kerbs or steps outside your door which can make it difficult to get the motorized wheelchair out of the house? Has the nearby neighbourhood been upgraded to be wheelchair-accessible? This factor deals mainly with the availability of wheelchair-friendly infrastructure and the interior layout of the house and/or office. Financial Needs What is your budget for buying a motorised wheelchair? Are you looking for the cheapest available, or do you want to get the best value for a fixed budget? What is the cost of after-sales service and ongoing maintenance cost? Of course, we all want the perfect product for the lowest cost. But how realistic is that? Nothing cheap can be good, and nothing good can be cheap. Very often, you will have to decide, in the long-run (because motorised wheelchairs are long-term investments), which of the 3 would rather sacrifice; Price, Service or Quality? If you buy the cheapest power wheelchair, then be mentally prepared for a higher breakdown rate. If that is not acceptable, pay a little extra and get something that is tried- and-tested and supported by solid after-sales capabilities. Product Features What features, and of course price, must the motorised wheelchair come with, in order to meet the needs and constraints? Most of the time, you will find that there is no perfect solution, and that you will have to compromise make a choice. For example, if you want a portable motorised wheelchair, be prepared to sacrifice some power and range. Sometimes, there genuinely is no solution, such as users whose flats have yet to undergo lift upgrading. There is simply no feasible way for them to bring the motorised wheelchair downstairs! Or the budget they have is simply not workable. After reading this, do you feel more enlightened or confused? Or perhaps both? The questions asked above are only the tip of the ice berg, and is by no means a comprehensive list. There are many more that should be asked, which we have compiled into an FAQ at www.motorisedwheelchairs.com.sg, which you can (and should) read before buying. But if you’re busy, the shortcut is just to pick up the phone, and talk to one of Falcon Mobility’s professional Sales Consultants and get their advice at +65 6774 7518. Falcon Mobility's Framework for Selecting Motorised Mobility Aids  Authorised Distributor For: © Copyright Falcon Mobility Pte. Ltd. 2011. 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